Black Friday League of Ireland deals

Today as most are aware is the biggest day of the year for online and retail sales discounted for 'Black Friday'. Here are some League of Ireland related deals & some Black Friday offers. It's #BlackFriday and we have an offer to make it a #GreenAndWhite2018 with great value Season Tickets; Family

PFAI release names of players on the transfer list

With the League of Ireland season coming to an end it also means that most players are now out of contract and on the search for a new contract with their current club or get a deal with another club. The PFAI have released the full list of players searching for

League of Ireland refereeing – should it be at a higher standard?

One of the toughest jobs in football is officiating. Having to deal with high pressure situations on a regular basis. Dealing with managers and players in every match, challenging your every decision, that would eventually make you think twice. Football brings emotions to the core, whether from the fans, players

Under dreaming spires

When I was at school I remember the class being brought to Drogheda for a school trip to see St Oliver Plunkett’s head. I doubt if you could palm schoolkids off with such fare nowadays, but then I was brought up in simpler times. The visit came back to me