The John Caulfield effect….

  Here’s one to store away for a pub quiz. Who was the first American-born soccer manager to win a top-tier league in Europe? John Caulfield is the answer. Surprised? Well, the League of Ireland is full of surprises! When the summaries are written of the 2020 season here the headlines and

Alan Cawley: “I wasn’t too sure about Caulfield’s comments, it’s not like he’s working off a limited budget himself, he’s well able to sign plenty of players himself.

  Undoubtedly one of the League of Ireland’s most honest, straight-shooting and passionate pundits, Soccer Republic’s Alan Cawley last night declared there is “genuine needle” between Sunday’s FAI Cup finalists, Dundalk FC and Cork City. Cawley, a former Dundalk player himself, was speaking on Between the Stripes LOI podcast, who were