Music for Football

Most weeks this season a song has come to mind to soundtrack the latest developments at Bray Wanderers. There was the Richard and Linda Thompson track ‘’I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight’’ when I got within sight of the Carlisle Grounds, complete with shining floodlights, for our first

Under dreaming spires

When I was at school I remember the class being brought to Drogheda for a school trip to see St Oliver Plunkett’s head. I doubt if you could palm schoolkids off with such fare nowadays, but then I was brought up in simpler times. The visit came back to me

Mick Cooke leaves Bray Wanderers

Bray Wanderers have released a statement with the news that Mick Cooke is no longer the manager of Bray Wanderers and that Harry Kenny will take over as caretaker boss. Paul Doolin is the favourite to take over the role. Statement released is below - Bray Wanderers FC wish to announce that Mick