Aaron Callaghan on Neuro trackers and what they are all about?

Neuro Tracker I hear you say, what’s that all about? NeuroTracker is a scientific innovation for measuring and improving cognitive performance in sports. Developed by world-leading neurophysicist Dr.Faubert, it trains multiple objects tracking skill using a large 3D display and challenges athletes to spread their attention by tracking many targets at high

What have I learned from the GAA to bring into my own management style?

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  It was a dream final. I was there as a Dublin supporter first and foremost. Two giants of the game going head to head to see who was top dog for the 2015 season. Dublin v Kerry does it get any better. It was a struggle to get a ticket but I have to

Collectiveness has Dundalk looking Untouchable

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  I believe that you can come a long way with a strong collective. You also need certain qualities within your team function and a clear objective outlining your team tasks, but if you have a strong collective, a real team, the results will follow.  Stand up Dundalk FC and take a bow.

Why are we not selling our League of Ireland TV rights to foreign countries?

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Selling domestic television rights to foreign countries is the key way in which to positively develop soccer in Ireland – along with a change in what the country’s governing body stands for, according to Niall Quinn. The Irish World Cup veteran outlined his vision for League of Ireland games to be

Will the SSE Airtricity U17 league be beneficial?

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Rudd Dokter the FAI High Performance Director is optimistic that the new SSE Airtricity U.17 league will help the development of players in this Country. I hope this  new league will provide us with solid ideas about game philosophy; training principles and proven practice methods. I would love to see a league that