Back from The Brink

League of Ireland | LOI

  The publication of the fixtures for the resumption of the League of Ireland last week gave all us fans some closure on the lockdown-enforced situation we have been enduring since March. It has been a long, dark tunnel but we can finally see some light. I have to admit that with

Bray Wanderers Top 20 Games

League of Ireland | LOI

  Lockdown has inflicted on us endless repeats of past games. The archives of the English Premiership have been well and truly plundered at this stage. Nostalgia is fine if it’s something you can dip into at your own free will, but when it’s the only thing on the football menu

Wanderers take the South East plaudits

League of Ireland | LOI

  The best thing about friends is that even if you haven’t seen them for a while you can pick up exactly where you left off. I was reminded of that before Bray Wanderers hosted Wexford FC on Friday, when I met up with some of the Wanderers gang I hadn’t

League of Ireland journeys

  I don’t get to support Bray Wanderers away much these days. Given family, work and other commitments, these kind of journeys are just not a runner. I’m lucky to get to a slim majority of the home games. I’m not complaining, although I do remember with fondness the 1990’s, when

Bray Wanderers – Decades Apart

  So the 2019 SSE Airtricity League has finished. When we resume in February it won’t just be the start of a new season for our clubs, but a new decade. This got me thinking about which decades in the past have been the most successful for my hometown club, Bray

The Bray Viking’s mighty leap

  If Bray Wanderers finish in this season’s First Division play-off positions, then they might look back to Friday’s win over Longford as one of the key milestone on the journey. Wanderers had gone ahead early on through Derek Daly but Longford levelled before half-time. With the clock ticking down the game

History at the Carlisle Grounds

  You may have seen the debate in the news about teaching History in schools last week. A draft of a report that the National Council for Curriculum Education [NCCA] will be debating next month was leaked. The draft doesn’t recommend any change to the status quo as regards teaching History

Bray Wanderers – The dark days of 2010

  2018 has started badly for Bray Wanderers and is shaping up to be long hard season. Fans of the club are no strangers to long hard seasons, having endured many dark times before. For me, 2010 stands out as the darkest of the dark times. The club shouldn’t have even