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Fontaines DC and Focus Ireland highlight homelessness with Bohemian FC jersey collaboration


With huge thanks to main club partner Des Kelly Interiors, without whom this would not be possible, Bohemian Football Club is delighted to unveil our 2021 away jersey in conjunction with Fontaines DC and Focus Ireland.

The jersey brings together two of people’s greatest loves, music and football, through the city’s original football club and Dublin’s biggest band in years, as well as highlighting the unacceptable level of homelessness across the state.

Focus Ireland, as a national body, have been working on tackling homelessness for over 35 years and 15% of the jersey profits will go directly to them.

Bohemians aim to have a net positive impact on society and are acutely aware of our obligation to use football as a force for good whenever possible.

We hope that this collaboration provides Focus Ireland an added platform for them to communicate the need for leadership and change.

A one-off, the jersey pays homage to Dublin and Ireland in its design, which features Celtic knotwork, the Poolbeg towers, Grattan Bridge lamps, for which we wish to thank the Three Castles Burning Podcast for design, the ‘Dublin in the rain is mine’ Fontaines lyric, and Patrick Pearse’s quote ‘Beware of the Risen People’ from the wall of Kilmainham Gaol.

This quote embodies the human spirit and that there is hope for everyone even when at their lowest ebb.1

Daniel Lambert, COO Bohemian FC, said:

“With massive thanks to Des Kelly Interiors, it is brilliant to link up with Fontaines DC who are no strangers to Dalymount Park, and Focus Ireland who do such essential work combatting homelessness across the country.

“We know that football and music both have enormous power to reach people and engage people. Homelessness is not something that must exist, it can, and it should be solved, and we need to ensure as a society that it is not normalised and accepted.”

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