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Gary Rogers and Dundalk play out from the back 75% of the time with kick outs


On his 542nd League appearance we wanted to see if as a goalkeeper Dundalk’s Gary Rogers has adapted to the new goalkeeping style of ‘playing out from the back’ or is the shot stopper more of a keeper that kicks it long at every opportunity.

The stats are based solely on last night’s game against Waterford in the RSC so wouldn’t be 100% consistent of the 2019 League of Ireland season.

To see if the Meath man preferred to play it along the ground to his defenders or kick it long we judged it on exactly that, we took figures for the amount of times that Rogers played it out to his defenders (CB / WB / CM) or just kicked it long in hope.

These figures included kick outs from the ground, back passes, out of his hands and throw outs.

The above figures showed that from the 24 times that Gary Rogers distributed the ball to his Dundalk outfield team mates that he did play it on the deck 75% of the time.

54% of the passes went directly to his centre backs of Brian Gartland & Sean Hoare ( CM player Chris Shields did receive 11% of the passes in CM but we categorised that into the CB / CM section and is included in the 54%) and 21% of the balls went on the ground to the wing backs Dean Jarvis & Sean Gannon.

25% of Rogers’s distribution was long kicks with no specific target with only one going out of play from his distribution in the game.

Right sided centre back Brian Gartland was Rogers pass of choice with 39% of his 18 passes to his defenders / midfielder going to the Dubliner.


Player Number of Passes %
Brian Gartland 7/18 39%
Sean Hoare 4/18 22%
Dean Jarvis 4/18 22%
Chris Shields 2/18 11%
Sean Gannon 1/18 6%
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