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Urgent appeal for Irish football players and coaches to work in the USA this summer


USIT Travel are hiring coaches for a dream summer job in America this year. Soccer, as the Yanks call it, is one of the fastest growing sports in the US, especially amongst young children, so there is a huge demand for anyone with experience playing and or coaching football to head out to the states this summer and teach them the beautiful game.

The company is holding four hiring sessions from 4th to 7th February in Dublin, Waterford and Limerick.

To get hired you need to be between the ages of 18-30, have an interest in playing and coaching football, working with kids and travel.

The job is from June to August and your coaching contract can take you to places like Texas, California, Kansas, or pretty much anywhere in the US! Coaches get placed with a team of usually four other guys and girls and you travel from location to location training kids aged 5-17. You don’t need a huge amount of experience to get hired but you must be comfortable working with kids and have enthusiasm for the job. When you’re in the US you stay with host families who have kids in the soccer camps. So, your meals and accommodation are free! When your contract is finished the visa you’re on lets you stay in the US for 30 days so most people travel to Vegas, New York, San Diego etc. You can read more about the experience one Irish coach had here

If you’re independent, up for doing some travel and want to spend summer eating and breathing football (soccer) then go along to an assessment day below. Or if you’ve any questions give Joe a shout on 016021808

Oscar Traynor sports centre, Dublin 4th Feb

Waterford institute of technology 5th Feb

University of Limerick 6th Feb

University College Dublin 7th Feb

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