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John Caulfield: There are areas we feel they are vulnerable


Speaking to ahead of the game, City manager John Caulfield said:  “The mood has been good, and why wouldn’t it be? We are going to the Aviva for a cup final for the fourth year in a row; it has been fantastic. We are all looking forward to it and there is a buzz about the place.”


“We have been the underdogs for the last three years; we’ve won the last two so that hasn’t affected us. You would expect that, with the fact that they have won the league, but at the same time, we could create our own history and be the first team from Cork to win three-in-a-row, so we are preparing to try and win the game.”


“Going into any cup final, you are under pressure; that pressure comes from within, because you want to win. Obviously, we lost form in the league at a bad time, which can happen, but we are back in a cup final. These guys have been phenomenal this year, qualifying for Europe and getting to the cup final again. It is a great day out for the supporters, and it would be fantastic if we could win the cup for them.”


“The last number of years, they have been tight games, but the teams have been so evenly matched, I suppose that’s just the way it has been. There are areas where we feel they are vulnerable, but we have to play exceptionally well ourselves. In a cup final, when you cross that white line, everyone must perform to their best; nerves can play a huge part, so you need to be able to handle that and manage that and, thankfully, over the last few years, we have been able to do that.”



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