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‘’Hitting the jackpot on the high striker”


As I was saying last time, each week supporting Bray Wanderers is a bit like another spin on the merry-go-round. It’s been like that for a while now. With the club seemingly dead-and-buried a couple of weeks back, last week’s payment of the monies owed to the players took the club back off life support. The news this week that Niall O’Driscoll has taken over the club has furthered our recovery – we are now out of the intensive care ward and well on the way to recovery.

Aside from merry-go-rounds, roller-coasters and ghost trains – all rides found on a typical Bray seafront funfair, and all analogies I used last week to convey the emotions of a Wanderers fan in recent times – a typical funfair is often always home to a ‘strength tester’ or ‘strongman game’. It has another name – a ‘high striker’ – and this probably the best one to use in a football-related article.

In case you’ve never seen one, a ‘high striker’ works by the customer using a hammer or mallet to hit a puck attached to the lower end of a tower, causing it to rise up the tower. If it gets all the way up a bell suspended at the top rings and the jackpot is won. Well that’s this week’s funfair analogy as to how Bray Wanderers fans felt when they got this week’s news.

Some people in and around Bray Wanderers will already be familiar with Niall, who works in the insurance business and has a longstanding involvement in St Joseph’s Boys FC, with whom Wanderers launched a joint academy in recent years after the introduction of the FAI’s National Underage Leagues [U15, U17 & U19].

The move binds the two clubs together even more and makes logical as well as footballing sense. Fair play to Gerry Mulvey for his part in making all this happen. It’s time for all Wanderers fans to get behind the club now and help make the next chapter an exciting and successful one, one which our club with its proud history deserves.

How will it all turn out? If you’re still at the funfair you’d need to consult the fortune teller to get an answer to that, but my hunch is that it is going to turn out just fine!

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