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Martin Russell releases statement as he leaves Bray Wanderers


Martin Russell – Statement

Due to the constraints and unrealistic circumstances that have unfolded in recent times at Bray Wanderers FC, it is with deep regret that I have made the decision to resign as manager.

I would like to thank all the staff, supporters and players for their efforts whilst at the club. It has been a trying time for everyone concerned and highlights once again the lack of a proper football industry that we can all aspire to.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Gerry Mulvey, the club’s chairman who, like myself, staff, players and supporters, is as much a victim of the sorry state of affairs that we find ourselves in.

Gerry has always been honest with me, but unfortunately promises made to him have constantly been reneged on and, despite his tireless efforts, he has been unable to find enough support throughout the business world and the FAI in order to bring matters to a viable resolution.

I believe Gerry has always wanted something beneficial for football to come out of his involvement with Bray Wanderers FC and its participation in the Airtricity League.

With a variety of agendas and uncooperative and restrictive measures taken, the role of managing and concentrating on winning football matches has left me at this point.

I really hope that the great game we all love and follow does manage to find a better way but, at this moment in time, it’s impossible for me to be a manager in the current environment.

Martin Russell

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One thought on “Martin Russell releases statement as he leaves Bray Wanderers

  1. The biggest surprise is that a good football guy like Martin ever committed to this shambles of a club. There is surely a job for him, Athone, Wexford or maybe his return to Limerick could sort them out. Not much of a choice there, I know,but surely he could improve their situations.

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