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“Kick them out” says Alan Cawley following latest Bray Wanderers fiasco


Never afraid to give an honest and frank opinion, however strong it may be, RTE pundit and former Bray Wanderers player, Alan Cawley called for the crisis hit County Wicklow side to be kicked out of the league when speaking on last nights Between the Stripes LOI podcast.

Having enjoyed two seasons at the Carlise Grounds during his playing career, Cawley declared he still had a soft spot for the “Seagulls” and that the current situation at Bray “frustrates the life” out of him.

“This is the third of fourth time we’ve seen this at Bray, I’d two great years at Bray, it was such a nice family run club but even when I go out to watch their games now there is such a huge disconnect with the local community, they’ve alienated everybody out there.”

Having played for the likes of Dundalk, Shelbourne and Longford Town among others, Cawley naturally holds a huge deal of sympathy with Bray Wanderers players, who at time of press are still to receive their latest wage packets. As a Bray’s players refused to train earlier this week and it appears they will continue to do so until monies owed are paid.

“For me, the worst part of this whole thing was the players having to find out through Twitter, these ridiculous statements make the whole thing look so amateur.”

With the discussion on last night’s show, which was a one-year anniversary special as Between the Stripes LOI podcast celebrated twelve full months since its debut, turning to what the FAI could potentially do going forward to deter such behavior by League of Ireland clubs, Cawley held no punches as he stated Bray Wanderers should be “kicked out” of the league.

“It really is unacceptable at this stage and I would go as far to say throw them out, just get rid of them. If they aren’t capable of reaching the standards other clubs are setting then throw them out, get rid of them.”

With the debate continuing when Cawley was asked if he felt point deductions for clubs who fail to pay their players would be enough to stop such events, the RTE pundit continued to back up his comments.

“I would (kick them out) because this is the third or fourth time and I’m just sick of it at this stage. I wouldn’t say this for everyone but it can’t go on every year, it’s gone beyond a joke at this stage.”

To hear Alan Cawley’s interview in full on Between the Stripes LOI podcast – Series 2,Episode 16 simply use the Audioboom player below or alternatively, you can catch the show on Itunes. Alan Cawley’s interview starts 32 minutes in to the one-hour-thirty-five-minute-long show.

Kieran Burke – @KieranBTS/@BetweenStripes

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2 thoughts on ““Kick them out” says Alan Cawley following latest Bray Wanderers fiasco

  1. Alan Cawley speaks a lot of sense ,most of the time ( his comments about Greg Bolger handing back his wages after a poor performance were out of line…..did you hand back your wages when you had a bad game Alan? I’m sure you weren’t perfect in every game, otherwise you would have made to the big-time). However, he is correct in saying that the league should not put up with lame duck clubs like Bray. But don’t deduct points, that could cause major confusion , let the league run it’s course….the passengers will be found out eventually. There are two ways to go for clubs.. Rovers set the template with supporters saving the club, Cork have followed suit,( Derry should look at this option) Sligo are a lesson to all in how to support your local club ,Dundalk and Waterford have investors now Galway are trying this option and good look to them , they were going nowhere The league needs professionalism not amateurs.

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