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Chris Forrester put on the transfer list by Peterborough United

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Former St Patrick’s Athletic player Chris Forrester has been place don the transfer list by Peterborough United.

Forrester had a blistering start with the League One side and was made club captain after only one season.

The captaincy has since been taken off the Dubliner and current manager Steve Evans sees Forrester as surplus to requirements.

“It has been a long day but decisions have been taken,” Steve Evans told the club’s website.

“Over the last eight weeks we have analysed in great detail the respective merits of each individual within the first team squad and considered next seasons main objective

““In respect of those players placed on the immediate transfer list, each decision has been taken with a real duty of care.

“They are not part of my plans for next season so it is in the best interests of everyone if they move on.

“It goes without saying there will be significant interest in a number of them, some will be subject to transfer fees but again that is a financial decision taken by the chairman and the board.”

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2 thoughts on “Chris Forrester put on the transfer list by Peterborough United

  1. Smashing player, could come back to haunt them, but then again he always looks like a guy who thinks he can stroll through games without having to do the hard yards. Maybe this is the rocket he needs.

  2. A rapid fall from grace for a class player. A few LOI clubs will be after him and rightly so but he has the ability to play at the top and deserves another chance at minimum league 1 or high SPL club. You don’t lose class overnight!

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