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John Caulfield pays tribute to Liam MIller

With the sad news of former Cork City player Liam Miller’s passing John Caulfield has paid tribute to the Irish International.

Paying tribute to the midfielder, City boss John Caulfield said: “I think everyone is shocked and saddened. While we have known that he was very sick, we are just thinking of his family, particularly his wife and three kids. When he was here, his two sons, Corey and Leo, used to be at training quite a bit. It does put everything into perspective. It’s hard to imagine what has happened, just three years after he was here.”

“He got to the highest level, winning international caps and playing for some big clubs. He was so modest, nothing ever went to his head. He came in every day and trained; a lovely person with a great attitude, a down to earth, humble guy.”

Pat Lyons, Chairman of Cork City FC and FORAS, said: “I spoke to him a few times on a one-to-one basis and always found him to be a gentlemen; a sincere, nice and honest person, a guy you would like to call a friend. He trained every day, there was no ego about him; he just turned up, did his job, played the best he could and that was it. He was one of our own, a good guy.”

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