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Derby County set to buy Shamrock Rovers Trevor Clarke?

Championship side Derby County are apparently interested in signing Shamrock Rovers star man and 2017 PFAI young player of the year Trevor Clarke.

Clarke is contracted with the Dublin side so there will be a fee involved if the defender was to sign.

The Dubliner was the stand out player for Rovers in the League of Ireland this season and had some great performances in Europe.

The fee wanted by Shamrock Rovers is expected to be €475k.

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5 thoughts on “Derby County set to buy Shamrock Rovers Trevor Clarke?

  1. 475k is an accurate price tag I would say but unrealistic to expect that to be paid for a LOI player. British clubs look down on us like amateurs. On Trevor Clarke though I still don’t understand how the maths adds up: He wasn’t even the best player at his third-place club (Shaw winning that one), also wasn’t good enough to be nominated for PFAI Player of the Year (which McEneff was) and yet he wins the PFAI Young Player gong. I do think he’s a decent player with a massive future but the maths ofhis award are interesting

  2. Pure click bait….
    “Apparently” !!!!
    A figure plucked out of the air, no details etc…
    Desperate for clicks

  3. He is a class act and is more than capable of playing in the English championship. As regards the fee i am sure Rovers will get a good deal for him am sick of british clubs screwing LOI clubs with stupidly low transfer fees.

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