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Cork radio’s mental reaction to last Sunday’s goal

Local radio is often special, especially when it comes to listening to football.

While national media are cool, calm, and professional (or downright disinterested judging from George Hamilton’s tone for the two goals last Sunday), the local services give you a true sense of the passion of the game, even if you mightn’t always get the most balanced view!

Take last Sunday for example. Cork City are 1-0 down with minutes left in the Cup final, Nicolas Vemmelund’s header looks to be bringing the title back to County Louth, and after winning the league, City fans are beginning to wonder if the cup final defeat of ’05 will repeat itself and deny the Rebel Army the double once more.

Rebel Radio is a service for Cork City supporters that has been going since 2013, and covered almost 160 games since. The trio of Kevin Galvin, David Kent, and Colm Cuddihy have included everything from U17 and Women’s games, to two FAI Cup finals and several European ventures this season, including both away games in Estonia and Cyprus.

The service is completely voluntary and completely free for those who listen in, with a small sponsorship allowing the lads to cover some of their cost.

However, it’s a labour of love.

And as City regrouped and pushed on for the equaliser, here’s what those listening live last Sunday heard was about to transpire.

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