Consortium from the US apparently interested in taking over Dundalk FC

According to a piece by Garry Doyle in The Times, a US Business consortium are eyeing up the possibility of taking over Dundalk FC.

The club have had plenty of recent successes in the last few years and would have stood out on a global stage when they reached the Europa League group stages in 2016.

An Irish club reaching the group stages of the Champions League would bring in a minimum of €12.7m plus €1.5m every win and €500,000 for any drawn game in finance into the club and that is without merchandise and ticket sales on top of that, so for a small investment the consortium could get a huge return on investment at Dundalk if they were to reach Stephen Kenny’s end goal of the Champions League group stages.

In the piece it also states that, ‘There has been no bid and nor is there any indication that Andy Connolly and Paul Brown, the owners, wish to sell. “We are secure for the short-term and we have started working on plans that will help us be secure for many more years to come,” Connolly said in June.’


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