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Niclas Vemmelund announces he is leaving Dundalk FC

Danish defender Niclas Vemmelund has announced that he is to leave Dundalk and that the FAI cup final will be his last game for the Lilywhites.

Speaking to James Rogers of local Dundalk newspaper ‘The Argus’ the Dane said that, “I’m not going to sign and Stephen has known for maybe a month or more,” he said when asked about his future.

“I promised him not to say anything but I think I’ve waited long enough.

“I got offered a two year deal but I don’t want to sign. It’s not about money or anything like that. They offered me a deal and I didn’t even want to negotiate. They came back later with a better offer and I said no again.

“I just want to move on. I just want to go home or closer to home at least so I can play football and be around the people I love.”

Image Credit: RTE

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