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Shane Keegan completely correct in outburst on Soccer Republic

Shane Keegan had an angry reaction on Soccer Republic to the referees decision not to send off Shamrock Rovers David Webster for a blatant handball that prevented Gavan Holohan from assumingly scoring into an empty net.

The Galway United manager was visibly aggravated when discussing the game afterwards in his interview with Soccer Republic.

It would seem he was completely in the right in his thoughts that Webster should have been sent off for blocking a clear goal scoring opportunity with his hand for Galway United.

The referee gave a penalty to the Galway side but didn’t send off the Rovers defender as he didn’t think it was a clear scoring chance.

The point that Keegan was making, was that if Rovers had 10 men for the rest of that game he would have thought his side would have held out for the invaluable three points.

Galway United have had some questionable decisions go against them in recent weeks with conceding a very dubious penalty to Dundalk in the EA Sports Cup semi-final.

Here are Keegan’s comments from the interview.

“I’m not annoyed with the officiating over the course of the 90 minutes, I’m annoyed with two incidents. I’m more than a bit annoyed with one because I thought it was a penalty but I just think the other one is farcical,” an angry Galway United boss Shane Keegan told Soccer Republic.

“His [Buttimer’s] explanation to me was that he didn’t think it was a goal scoring chance. Why would the centre half punch the ball if he didn’t feel he needed to punch the ball or the guy behind him is going to put it into the net? And his explanation makes it even more farcical.

“He’s a guy that is a good referee – he’s able for a bit of give and take. He hasn’t done us for any agenda against Galway United, it’s just a horrendous decision. It’s cost us what I think is a nailed on three points if they’re down to ten men and we’re 1-0 up,” he said.

“I’m not deflecting from our own performance. Our performance was very good in the first half and quite poor in the second half. We should have been good enough to hold on to the point at least, simple as that, so I’m not deflecting,” he added.

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3 thoughts on “Shane Keegan completely correct in outburst on Soccer Republic

  1. He is angry cause 1) team lost when in lead 12 mins to go 2) he didnt make good use of subs again 3) Sligo had just upset Cork

  2. To be honest i don’t think Webster influenced the game much afterwards and Galway got and scored the penalty he is clutching at straws in my opinion

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