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Video: Is this one of the worst refereeing decisions ever made in the League of Ireland?

There was a bit of controversy in last night’s Premier Division fixture between Galway United & Derry City at Eamonn Deacy Park.

The video below was filmed by Vinny O’Connor only 4 minutes into the game where the Derry City goalkeeper Ger Doherty is seen to clearly make a save with his hands outside of his box.

Shockingly to the Galway management team & players match referee Robert Hennessy only produced a yellow card for the Derry net minder.

The game finished 0-0 but could it have been a different result if Derry had only 10 men for most of the game?

What are your thoughts?

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12 thoughts on “Video: Is this one of the worst refereeing decisions ever made in the League of Ireland?

  1. Deliberate hand ball is a yellow card. Wasn’t a clear goal scoring opportunity as there defenders between striker and the goal. Correct decision.

  2. Its a referee’s decision. If it was me, I’d have given a red, I think the ball was going in and none of the defenders were in any position to block it. I might also have sent the keeper off because he seemed so indignant at getting a yellow!!!!

  3. that’s not even in the top hundred worst decisions I’ve seen by an LOI ref, at least he gave the free kick!

  4. He was absolutely terrible, every decision he made seemed to be wrong for both sides. Maybe because that was at the start of the game it threw him off but I’ve seen the same ref before and he was poor then aswell

  5. About 15 years ago in Bray v Bohs match, Paul Devlin (great player, unlucky in front of goal) scored a beautiful volley right down the middle of the goal, which rebounded back out from the stansion behind the middle of the goal. As the Bohs team and fans celebrated and the Bray players hung their heads in disappointment, the referee inexplicably told the Bray keeper to get on with the kick out!!! This Galway/Derry incident is not even in the same universe as that?

    1. And that decision in the Bray v bohs game was made by supposedly the best ref in the league
      Ps it was a great goal that wasn’t given⚽⚽⚽⚽

    2. A load of rubbish. It wasn’t a goalscoring position it was a cross into an area where there were no Galway players with 2 Derry players waiting to clear. Correct decision and very good refereeing.

  6. Really bad decision, if the ref is not fit enough to keep with the game is bad. But there is not reson why the lines man didn’t see it, SHOCKING

  7. If it had been an outfield player no one would have argued that it was a yellow card….its no different because it was a goalkeeper….not a goalscoring opportunity as there were a couple of defenders covering. Correct decision.

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