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Brian Kerr shows huge frustration live on TV to Fran Gavin

Brian Kerr as we all know is a passionate man and he showed that last night on Soccer Republic when Fran Gavin was brought on the show to discuss the much talked about grants for clubs and the rejection of it by two clubs.

Gavin was explaining the reasoning and meaning and Kerr had seemed he could take no more and replied: “Surely the €100,000 (combined FAI funding for the plan) should be put to promote the league, develop the commercial side and develop the profile of the league.

“We don’t have any dedicated people involved in running the league.

“You’re role (Gavin’s) as director of the league is no longer director of the league – you’re involved in the cup competitions on all levels.”

Kerr also referenced the ‘ferociously bad facilities’ at grounds across the country, facilities for female supporters, and how the €100,000 is a pittance once it’s been divided out.

Then classic Brian Kerr came out and some would feel he wanted to use stronger words than ‘bunkum’.

“Talking about strategic planning now for five years is a load of bunkum.

“The 100k is a pittance in terms of the money the FAI are getting in.

Well done Brian we love your passion for our league and here is the clip.

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