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John Caulfield dismisses Kenny Shiels sectarian abuse claims

Kenny Shiels claimed that he was abused verbally by one of the Cork City back room team after his sides loss to Cork City in Turners Cross last night.

After Cork scored a stoppage time winner, Shiels confronted the referee in a calm manner discussing an incident that Shiels felt a different view to what the referee did in regarding a corner that he felt was a goal kick.

The referee assured Shiels that if he got it wrong he will admit and apologise to which Shiels said that he was happy with that and that’s when the Cork City back room team came over and the incident happened.

Sheils speaking to RTÉ Sport said this: “They got the assistance of the referee, which was disappointing. The referees are only human and they do make mistakes.

“There seemed to be some kind of [element] of getting carried away with the crowd and making decisions that were definitely favouring the home team and I was really disappointed in that.

“They were bang out of order at the end, it was really disappointing [with] their staff.

“It was incredible what I had to go through.

“I went over to the referee and I said ‘ref, surely you seen that was a goal kick; it wasn’t a corner.

“And that’s the way I said it. I wasn’t angry or shouting at him.

“He says ‘look, if I made a mistake I’ll admit it, I’ll have a look at it on Monday’, which is fair enough, that was good.

“But John [Caulfield] starts to shout ‘we played you off the park’ and then one of them called me a sectarian name, the other wee stouter one, the coach.

“I know his face, don’t worry about that.

“And there were three of them around me then and all I was doing was saying to the referee, quite mildly, I said ‘look, you’re bound to have seen it wasn’t a corner because you were in a good position and I was on the halfway line.

“That’s all that was said and the referee will confirm that, I’m sure.”

Cork City boss John Caulfield had this to say about the incident and his thoughts on it: ”I don’t know anything about that. I think it was a storm in a teacup.

“I think Kenny was quite agitated at the end with the referee and with maybe some of our staff and whatever.

“Look it, I’ve seen a hundred things way worse. That’s the first I’ve heard of that.

“I think it was just excitement. He was obviously really disappointed.

“We were excited and probably some of our management were excited.

“At the same time there was nothing in it and I’m surprised with that comment.”

More information will follow on the incident

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