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Is Summer or Winter Football best for the League of Ireland?

A lot of talk lately I have seen on social media about summer football and if it best to have League of Ireland football this time of year or would winter football suit the league?

In my opinion I love summer football for the League of Ireland.

With the off season of the League’s abroad it gives the chance for wider audience’s to attend games more without the distraction of the Premier League or La Liga. More people will have interest in their local teams rather than the abroad leagues if there is no chance of a time conflict.

There is no harm in supporting another team apart from League of Ireland for interest and love of the game, but I think in my view that League of Ireland football is getting bigger and better each and every year, and the standard of football is getting higher,and the interest of a League of Ireland team in Europe makes it that much more exciting year in if your team succeeds in making it to big stage of a European competition.

In regards to winter football I feel people would lack interest in the League of Ireland with the distraction of the Premier League that it would affect attendance’s and it will be down to the weather which will see more games called off due to snow and rain with pitches being made unavailable.

With the long stretches in the evening more people will travel to games and less likely games to be called off.

The excitement of having summer league football does make it a better cause for fans of league of Ireland football.

What do people think of the topic and would people rather summer or winter League of Ireland football or just keep it as it is and no changes are made?

Chris Coburn

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