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Wexford Youths and conceding late goals…

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Last week we did a piece on Derry City and their habit of scoring after the 90 minute mark and the points it has benefited the club in doing so.

This article is coming from the opposite scale, it refers to the points Wexford Youths would have accumulated if there defense held firm and did not concede after the 80th minute in games.

Wexford Youths have had a very credible start to life in their new surroundings of the Premier Division and only for these late goals would be in a much more stable position in the league.

To cut straight to the facts, Wexford Youths have conceded 12 goals in the Premier Division this season and 6 have been after the 80 minute mark.

50% of goals conceded after the 80th minute mark is quite the trend, and on the positive side for Shane Keegan and his team is a pattern than can be easily identified and a plan put in place to fix or even better the statistics.

Is 5 at the back from 80 minutes the answer? Possibly.

In total the late goals past 80 minutes have cost Wexford 5 potential points in the league and would be sitting in 5th place if these goals had have been prevented.

This is a situation that Keegan and his men would be well aware of, and if sorted will really help enhance their league position and guarantee safety a lot faster which is the end goal for the Youths.

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