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Our Top 25 League of Ireland jerseys for the 2016 season (Premier Division)

With the new season upon us as of tomorrow we thought we would run a piece on our top League of Ireland jersies for the 2016 season.

Our reporter Conall Meegan put the below together.

25 – Finn Harps Away 

Very bottom of the list is Finn Harp’s away kit. I can only assume they have the same kits as last season as they haven’t seemed to announce new fashion for the season anywhere. The kit’s colourway is nice enough but it the design is definitely sub-standard. Looks a bit baggy as well.

harp away

24 – Sligo Rovers 3rd 

At number 24 we have Sligo Rover’s alternate jersey for the season, made by Joma. The standard of kits this year is pretty good and this is a tad bit harsh as it’s not too bad. The design is nice but I’m not a fan of navy and red together. At all.

Sligo 3rd

23 – St. Pat’s Away 

Following Sligo’s navy and red effort is basically the exact same jersey from St. Pat’s. They wore this last season too and I didn’t like it anymore then. Poor from Umbro.

Pats away (website)

22 – Longford Town Home 

Not a fan of this one. I’m not sure what is exactly that turned me off it but I think it’s a bit tacky. It could be the weird blue font on the sponsor or the unsightly Legea logo on the sleeves.

Longford Home (Twitter)

21 – Galway United 3rd 

I tried to be generous with this one as it was actually voted for by the fans, which is a nice touch. It is however an Uhlsport template, which hinders it. The colourway is okay with black and light green, but overall, it’s too simple for my liking.

galway third (website)

20 – Wexford Youth’s Away 

The Youth’s first Premier Divisions kits use the same design from manufacturer Bodibro., so it’s literally just the case of colour preference. All the writing makes it look a bit messy.  (Black shirt on the right)

Wexford Home & Away

19 – Bray Wanderers Away 

Bray haven’t released a new away kit for the 2016 season so we’re just guessing they’ll use last season’s. It’s a Nike template that is pretty common so we can’t put his striking effort any higher.

bray away (bray site)

18 – Bohemians Away 

Another away kit used last season. It’s a decent effort from Hummel, not too fancy. Nice shade of green.

Bohemian Away (shop store)

17 – Wexford Youths Home 

We’ve been over this already. Pink works a bit better with this design though.  (Pink shirt in the middle)

Wexford Home & Away

16 – Derry City Home 

Nothing fancy here from Hummel. Just a nice, classic design.

Derry Home (website)

15 – Sligo Rovers Away 

Another simple design, but white compliments the red much better than navy did.

Sligo Away

14 – Cork City Away 

Another Nike template. Not the biggest fan of the design, but the red and white looks classy.

cork away (shop)

13 – Derry City Away 

Not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Nice enough design, and I personally like the bright colours on this one.

Derry away (website)

12 – Bohemians Home 

Boh’s have opted to use the same home kit as well this season. Very nice jersey, and harsh to omit it out of the top 10. Could have done a lot worse.

Bohs home


11 – Finn Harps Home 

This jersey is a throwback. The humongous collar is Marmite-esque, but this is very solid from Legea.

harps home

10 – St. Pat’s Home 

Very tidy. Pat’s have broke the tradition of all white sleeves on this one but it’s a lovely design.

pats home 1

9 – Cork City Home 

Same kit as the one that the Rebel Army wore during last season. It’s a template yet again but it works well with the colours.

cork home (shop)

8 – Shamrock Rovers Home 

Not too different from last season, despite the change from Warrior to New Balance. Simple design.

Shamrock rovers (home)

7 – Galway Away 

Lovely design from Uhlsport. Nice colour-way.  A new anniversary crest to boot.

galway away (website)

6 – Bray Wanderers Home 

A controversial one from Nike. Bray have switched from green and white to predominantly black. It’s audacious but we like it.

Bray Home

5 – Galway Home 

Same design as the away, colours work a bit better.

galway home (website)

4 – Dundalk Home 

It’s a design based on a jersey from the Tommy McConville days for the Champions. Very good first ever jersey made by Louth-based business CX+ Sport.

Dundalk Home (Dundalk Shop)

3 – Sligo Rovers Home

Brilliant from Joma. May be a bit like a training top but training tops are always nicer, aren’t they?

Sligo Rovers Home

2 – Shamrock Rovers Away 

It’s hard to split the top 2, as they’re both very similar. This black and gold effort just looks good.

Shamrock Rovers (away) football culture twitter

1 – Dundalk Away 

Dundalk edge it as pinstripes trump all. Also appreciate that they’ve adapted the club’s crest to fit in with the rest of the jersey.

dundalk away (twitter)

*Note: Longford Town have not released a new away kit under new kit maker Legea

All pictures taken from official club twitter feeds and online stores.

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