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Aaron Callaghan’s thoughts on the league so far and the International scene

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It’s not very often that you get interviewed by former Liverpool CEO Rick Parry but that’s what I experienced last week as I completed my LMA Diploma in Football Coaching in the surroundings of the New England HQ at St. George’s Park Burton-upon-Trent.

I was tempted to jump the guarded perimeter fence when the full England squad turned up to train trying to get some tactical secrets to pass on to Martin O’Neill & Co. ahead of the Ireland v England game last Sunday.

After the 1-1 draw we could have done with the added insights and the result will make it very hard for us to qualify now.

In the end I had to settle for a training session with Noel Kings U.21 squad who were over to play their England Counterparts.

With the league now enjoying the mid-season break its no shock to see the teams has broken into 2 mini leagues.

The haves and the have not’s.

Dundalk are in the driving seat and Cork and Shamrock Rovers will run them close but I can’t see Stephen Kenny slipping up.

There is always a team that punches above and below their wage bill.

Bohs and Sligo have now reversed fortunes on the park with Bohs enjoying a new lease of life under Keith Long.

I like to think the philosophy and structures I advised the club to put in place are coming to fruition.

With the Council taking over Dalymount Park, Bohs just need to source a training facility and that will be a huge turnaround from my days as the Manager when we were within a whisker of closing the gates for good.

Sligo on the other hand have gone into meltdown on the park.

They played a brand of football that was pleasing to the eye so it’s a surprise to see them struggle this season.

The question still on every punters lips – Who is in charge now?

I hope the club can sort out the debacle but for now they have a huge relegation battle to fight.

The Clubs who qualified for Europe will be anxiously waiting for the draw next week and I will be keeping an eye on the fixtures.

European games are a source of learning for all us managers and coaches and they help build awareness on game tactics and coaching insights.

I wish the clubs the very best in the respective draws.

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